COVID-19: We’re enforcing extra safety measures and contactless delivery.
COVID-19: We’re enforcing extra safety measures and contactless delivery.

Noxudol Zinc Spray

Product Description

Noxudol Zinc Spray for the car, the boat and the household. The product provides rust protection of the same type as hot galvanization. The zinc layer protects the steel surface electrochemically. Noxudol Zinc Spray contains more than 90 percent zinc by weight in dry layer.
• The product is used on iron, steel surface, welded joints, cutting surface and on galvanized material. • The product can be top painted with usual top paints. • Noxudol Spray is used on the car body, bolts and wheel rims, on galvanized items of the boat and its frame work as well as in workshops for bikes and motorbikes.

Product Information

Although Crosslink guarantees the quality of our products, we cannot guarantee products used in applications. This is particularly applicable if training by Crosslink has not been conducted. To ensure you have the correct product for the job, please consult the TDS and carry out thorough test work. We are able to help with any technical queries you have so please contact us.

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