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COVID-19: We’re enforcing extra safety measures and contactless delivery.

Mercasol 847 AL

Product Description

Mercasol 847 AL, which is approved according to SS 18 65 12, is a solvent borne (aliphatic naphta), wear resistant underbody corrosion protection agent, based on bitumen, wax and resin and has very good corrosion protection properties over a long period of time.
• Mercasol 847AL is a high solids material meant for professional corrosion protection treatment of the underbody of vehicles where a lighter bronze coloured surface is desired. • Compared to Mercasol 845/845 AL the product can be applied in thicker layers, dries faster and gives a dryer film with lower exposure to solvents. • When priming on open surfaces before application of Mercasol 847AL, the Mercasol 831ML is recommended. • The film properties of Mercasol 847AL prevents it from picking up dirt due to its relatively dry surface, being chipped off by e.g. gravels and also the ability to apply extra thick coats gives the opportunity to prolong the protection time considerably. • The product has been compatibility tested with the most common corrosion production systems on the market and is approved to be used on a major part of the different vehicle brands. • VOC = 325,5 g/l

Product Information

Although Crosslink guarantees the quality of our products, we cannot guarantee products used in applications. This is particularly applicable if training by Crosslink has not been conducted. To ensure you have the correct product for the job, please consult the TDS and carry out thorough test work. We are able to help with any technical queries you have so please contact us.

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